Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Good, crazy, amazing things to come.....

Times they are a'changin around here at the casa.....we have been decluttering (Geez, it is amazing how much stuff you don't need.  I am also very grateful for all the local charities that are willing to come and pick up donations.)  And we have been cleaning.....and cleaning and cleaning (yes, we do have two little kids).  And we have been planning......more accurately we have been drawing and dreaming about HOUSE designs.....yep...we are finally going to start building our house.  With that comes in LISTING our house.  It went on the market today.....cross your fingers/toes in hopes of a sale.  I have also been in seeds and will start my seedlings this weekend (20 different vegetables this year and one melon).  We have also been dreaming....about chicken coops, compost bins, honey bees and deep freezers.  And for those of  you who are new to this is where we are building(2.5 acres of magic). And yes, that one bedroom cabin is going to be our home for the summer (well, hopefully that is the plan).  More pictures to come. 

A couple of random things that I am so coveting.

Pretty much every piece of clothing on the Shabby Apple website.
These custom made Uggleboo clogs.  I know the price is insane....but they are fun to covet.

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