Friday, February 25, 2011


Blogging is an interesting thing.  You really can portray yourself in just about anyway possible you want.  When I started Faux Martha I had these glamorous dreams of doing crafts (HA!) and cooking a lot (HA!) but that all went to shit.  Then I realized, WHY am I trying so hard....time to Just Be....and really I just like taking pictures and writing and imagining.  I still do cook on occasion or dust off the sewing machine, but there is far less pressure to come up with something cool.  Who cares if I have 10 supporters (and thank you my 10 VERY LOYAL supporters). 

So I find it fascinating that when you read people's blogs everyone seems perfect.  Their photos look great, they are so collected, they have tons of time to blog, they go on vacations....ahhh the life.    Oh sure there is the occasional mention of baby poop or illness, but really most people portray themselves in a good light (but I mean really, who is going to have a blog about how they are obsessed with their kids getting lice or the fact that they secretly eat frosting late at night--one finger scoopful at a time).  So I wanted to go on record and point out how IMPERFECT I am.

1)Dust bunnies...they are alive and well in our house.  Josh and I are not neat freaks.  Not. Ever. Never. Ever. And we don't have a house keeper.  So, welcome to the family little buddies.

2)I bet I have a condiment in my refrigerator that is over a year past its expiration date. 

3)I have my kids watch movies so that I can get things done. 

4)I feed my kids Kraft Macaroni and Cheese about two times per month. 

5)I have been so frustrated by my children that I have walked into the other room and started crying.

6)I get jealous of skinny people.  Tall skinny people.

7)I would pretty much die if I had to give a ride to someone in my car.  It is nasty right now...dried on mud-dirt-slushiness all over. 

8)I like chick flicks and chick lit. 

9)I am lazy.  I hate de-weeding my garden. 

10)I absolutely cannot use the grill, I burn everything.

11)When I was a child I truly adored Whitney Houston.

12) I am a terrible singer and dancer.  TERRIBLE.  Some even have said I am tone deaf.   Some people have questioned whether I am having a stroke while dancing.....but let me tell you...DO I CARE?  Nope.

Now carry on all you people, dance and sing and eat Mac & Cheese and make lots of messes....we have a big weekend of the mayhem to come.


Meri said...

Imperfections... hmmmm. makes you sound like a legitimate human being!
And an interesting one, at that :)

Mommy Lisa said...

I personally prefer the Velveeta Shells N Cheese cause I am just.that.lazy.