Monday, February 21, 2011

Fun times here at the casa

A few random notes:

Those top two photos are of the beautiful barred owl that was sitting out in our backyard, in the exact same spot that every year the baby raccoons are born.  So as birdfeeder owners go, we are terrible.  Every few months we put seed in and then the squirrels try and eat it all and so we get annoyed with them and don't fill the feeder because the birds never get to eat any (oh and don't get me started about the time those squirrels ate all my gumball Christmas lights...stupid squirrels).  Well, Friday we filled up the feeder for the first time in months, so the crowds were heavy. And so yesterday we heard all this squawking going on and we looked out and there were a couple of crows (if you want to be technical, it was a murder of crows), the owl, a squirrel and a woodpecker, all sitting together in the same tree.  Some sort of forest congress.  Perhaps they were discussing that stupid groundhog in Pennsylvania that so wrongfully predicted the early end of winter, as 15 new inches of snow sat on the ground.   Not to discriminate against the other birds, but we were pretty excited about the owl.  We only see them a handful of times each year and they are just so wonderous.

Last year at a school cookie dough sale for school, I purchased this colored cookie dough.  I know you were thinking that was playdoh, but NO that is cookie dough with all those safe dyes (:/)  I am going to go out on a limb and say....ugliest cookies we have ever made.  They are in the trash as we speak.  But at least we had fun and NO they did not taste good either.  Note to self--stick with the chocolate cookies.

Lastly, today the kids and I pulled out the wedding video.  First off, hardly anyone that attended reads this blog but I wanted to say the following so that the universe felt more in balance, or something like that:

1) Dear Bridesmaids,  I am sorry I made you wear those backless dresses...I know the undergarment thing was difficult to manage.  I am sorry my "bargain" shopping mindset took over and you ended up having to wear them.  I do appreciate that you are such good friends and that you just went along with it.  I mean 6 Shelly Segal Nordstrom bridesmaid dresses for $15 each.....sorry ladies.....

2)OH MY...what a long ceremony it was....holy cow....seriously, it was at least an hour long.  I told Kendall,  the almost 5 year old that when she gets married to make it short.

Peace to you all on this blizzardly holiday. 


Mommy Lisa said...

Wow - I don't remember it being that long. I don't remember mine being that long either -

sorry the cookies were a bust.

Meri said...

How cool/ freaky to have that owl right out back! Awesome photos!