Monday, January 31, 2011

A tad bit jealous, but okay with it....

And so this is the story of how the internet click on a story on Facebook (of a company you follow), which brings you to that persons personal blog, where they talk about the most adorable candy holders for Valentines Day, which are for the children of a woman who is a professional baker and probably the coolest mom on the planet.  

The Owl Party....

I shop on ETSY a lot. I get all my Christmas card designs done there.  Gifts. Jewelry.  Purses. Gosh what else?? Anyway, one of the gals that has designed cards for me is Less Ordinary Designs (straight out of Wisconsin.)

Well today, if you click on that link above...she shows the custom Valentine Candy holders she dang cute (okay, you must know...I just love stuff like this...but I am pretty thrifty and never want to pay for stuff like this....but anyway...aren't they cute??)
Photo Courtesy of Less Ordinary Designs
Which brings me to THE MOST AMAZING BIRTHDAY PARTY the woman that ordered these cute Valentine candy holders (see the blog for even more pictures of them) is a professional baker...cupcakes *yes*, cookies *yes*, cakes *will you be my best friend?*  So immediately, I head over to her blog Jenny Cookies. (Mom hint hint....)

Well (hold your horses), the first story on her blog is about her daughter Ally's 5th birthday party....not just a cake and balloons kind of party, but an OWL party.... yes, an owl party.

I mean really, who does not love owls??

Each child got an owl costume
Get a napkin, you are about to drool.

See what I mean?  Isn't this fantastic?

Owl art projects...divine.
So to is obvious a large expense went into this party but don't you just love when someone is soo good at what they do that they make it look magical?


Meri said...

I'm really into birthdays so I can really appreciate the work that would go into making that owl party. Life should be more of a celebration more often, I say :)

GML4 said...

Ugh... clearly this is someone who is either making up for shortcomings elsewhere, or looking to make a buck off the idea. Way too much effort.

Faux Martha said...

Hi guys, thanks for the comments. I also received some email about this post...who knew a birthday party could be so controversial? We can all agree the party is over the top....I guess I have been lacking the creative spirit lately and was inspired that someone had so much.

Mommy Lisa said...

And I thought Chuck E. Cheese was over the top! ;P

Anonymous said...

What this does, I've decided, is make us all realize that we have not lived up to our potential. It is time, in our own way, to be so much more creative, productive, intuitive and resourceful!