Thursday, December 9, 2010


To be honest, I am kind of done with 2010.  It wasn't a bad year, I just think that some bad karma came back my way (maybe I shouldn't have made fun of my old coworker at my last job?)  I am leaving the year tired, stressed out, with multiple knots in my shoulders....BUT JUST YOU WAIT...2011 is right around the corner and you may not know this...but ELEVEN IS MY FAVORITE NUMBER.......(oh and sorry about the sniveling and whining up in that first sentence...I absolutely abhor people that use blogs to WHINE..unless it is about that gal from Alaska..and I do have many fun things to look forward to in the last few weeks of anyways, sorry about that lapse.)

So back to numero ELEVEN......well it started with volleyball...that was always my number.  Then Josh and I went on our first date on January 11....there is just something I love about 11....perhaps it is the regalness of it standing so tall or perhaps it is the symmetry.....

But I have I was saying I was looking forward 2011.....and then the other day I was reading my horoscopes and guess what it said:

Numerologists say the number 10 signifies completion, wholeness, totality.  It could rightly serve as your lucky number in the coming weeks--a symbol of your power to draw long-term processes to a climax on your own terms.  But you might also want to consider 11 as your emblem of good mojo.  That number denotes the drive to surpass the success you've earned before--to transcend easy triumphs and conventional wisdom so as to reach for a more challenging conquest.  Either way, Aquarius, I think you'll be flying high for the foreseeable future, so there's no need to worry about which way you should go.  If you do choose 11, the risks will be somewhat greater and the rewards more interesting.   Courtesy of Rob Brezny, via the City Pages.

And from one my readers......a request for more pictures......

Josh's 39th Birthday Sushi Extravaganza


Anonymous said...

Woohoo! She posted. I remember a story about number eleven... had to do with a volleyball uniform and a coach named Pete.

Thanks for the fun pics!

Mommy Lisa said...

I see we both got the same waffle shirt at Old Navy on clearance last year. :)

I need to check my horoscope for the new year.

Adios 2010!