Wednesday, December 29, 2010

2011--The GOALS!!

Yes, I am one of those wierdos that sets goals for the fact, I am so wierd that I set up plans 2-3, sometimes 4 years out.  I do this because I have a "travel" savings account and I want to get an idea of how much I need to save. 

Here is the quote for the year: 

Never make someone a priority that considers you an option.

(thanks Coral).
I think about this quote a lot.   Do you give up on people that have given up on you? Or do you keep persisting?  I guess the test for me is this...when I die, will I have regrets?  Who do I truly enjoy spending my time with?  Are you spending enough time with the people that are really meaningful in your life? 
Goals for the family (unless we win the lottery, these are not totally attainable in 2011, but being mentioned so that I don't forget).
1)Spend more times outdoors exploring....camping...swimming...stargazing....more boat/river trips...more bonfires...more gardening. 
2)I want the kids to see the world....appreciate the beauty of this planet and of its people. I want them to see wild animals in the wild....not just in a zoo.  I want to hear Mason say "Mom that is preeeetttyyyyy..." (in that ever so cute Macy Macy voice of his.)
Proposed trips (and saving accordingly for them):
a)Family trip in the Caribbean on a catamaran.
b)Family trip to Hawaii
c)Montana State Parks trip
d)Family road trip to Florida for some beach time (Kendall and I have talked about this endlessly).
e)Pacific Northwest trip (to visit Auntie Lauren/Kyle/Tami/Mike and our friends who are opening a winery there). 
f)Visit Auntie Noonie when she moves to the farm.
g)Family river trip down the Colorado
h)Family hiking trip down Havasupai
(PS you wanna come?? Say the word...)
3)Find an outlet for January I am starting yoga. More makes me happy.
4)The tv is off a lot now and I like it.  Keep reading, more library visits. 
5)Work more on planning meals for my family. Healthy meals.
Happy New Year to you all.  Be still.  Take it in......

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