Friday, September 17, 2010

Well, well..we sure do have a lot to cover settle in folks

First off...OH that is right, we were doing a challenge...the Day 10 challenge is (was)---wait did I miss some days? Jen hasn't sent me one in awhile.... Humpff...oh well, here ya go:

Day 10
todays challenge:
We're almost half way there!!!
And with 11 more days to go, we definitely need to be working on patience.
Let today's focus be on just that.
Lots of deep breaths.

Today's note from the Universe which I just love....such a good thought to end the week:

You know, almost anything you feel you "have to" do, like cleaning and washing, can become a chore, even a drudgery; while those things that remain optional, like Disney World and Twister, can seem far more inviting, even fun.

So, Becky, as you go down the path of life, particularly when it seems you must force yourself through the motions, it just may help if you pause and give thought to the countless souls who'd give most anything for the option of even your "chores."

Life... it can sometimes be like one of those really, really "good problems," huh?


The Universe

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Lastly....if you go over to the right there, there are a couple of new blogs added but one is a Pacing the Panic Room....very good stuff and it is refreshing to hear from a guy.  A guy that speaks honestly about breastfeeding and babies and music and takes great pictures. Oh and check out the great video he did of the cutest pregnant lady on the planet (his wife).

Anyways, as you know I am a big fan of music. Well he has put out an amazing collection of music together to help raise funds to support research of Smith-Magenis Syndrome, an illness his daughter has recently been diagnosed with.

Go out and get this....immediately.  I know they are working on a physical CD but right now you can get it on iTunes.  I see a Christmas present in your future....act surprised.

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Our 92 year old friend says the key to a long, happy marriage it to just
shake your head and say "YES". My husband seems to think the key is