Tuesday, September 7, 2010

The 21 Day Challenge

I am a tad behind in posting this but my group of old friends from Arizona and I are taking up a 21 Day Challenge courtesy of my friend Jen.  I don't know if she borrowed the challenge...but all in all it is quite fun and I am looking forward to doing it.

Day 1
today's challenge:
Think of something you are willing to give up for 21 days,
and commit to it once and for all.
Write it down.
Tell someone so they can help to hold you accountable.
and remember,
it's just for 21 days.
you can do anything for 21 days.

Mine is sweets (candy, pastries, ice cream, chocolate, cake).  And soda pop.  I had given up soda pop awhile ago but occasionally I fail and so is will help. 

Day 2
today's challenge:
Let today be a day that you are focused on going out of your way to show love and kindness to the people around you.
Whether that means sending a card,
writing a thoughtful email or note,
doing a chore for someone,
or spending extra intentional time with a friend, child or family member....
Whatever it may be, just find as many ways as you can throughout the day and do them.
And do them with a heart full of love.

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Mommy Lisa said...

I need a challenge - what are all the days challenges?