Friday, June 4, 2010

Destination Wedding

Henceforth, I think that ALL weddings should be destination weddings.

My reasons why:

1)A smaller group of people come together and you get to spend more then one day together.  By the end of the weekend you are all family.  The photographic evidence.

2)There is just something so beautiful, fabulous and down to earth when you can feel sand between your toes and look up and see a beautiful bride.

3)I love love love, double triple quadruple love to travel.  (For Hire: Free photographer for your wedding).

4)La Paloma...Mexico style---by far my new favorite drink.  (I actually emailed the hotel to see if they can give me their recipe because I can't seem to get a good replication of it now that I am back in the states.)

PV and Las Caletas was amazing......seriously the most beautiful setting for a wedding I have ever been to....I ate in a restaurant called Le Leche ("the milk" for you non-linguist types) that is literally ALLLL in white...check it....first time I have ever eaten a beet and goat cheese ice cream.....I passe' of me.  I also saw fire was AWESOME.   I went snorkeling and actually saw real tropical fish....  The people of Mexico are extremely kind and very generous and willing to help--damn hard workers.  I did not feel unsafe and was never worried. I ate fish heart you ceviche.

Most of all, I am grateful for my husband that understands the difficulties of having a wife that is from out of state and supporting her "need" to get out of MN on occasion.  Love ya dear a thousandfold.


Anonymous said...

Fun photos! You captured it all!

Mommy Lisa said...

I wanted to go to Vegas...but it was too late! We were already at the church.

Looks Bueno Becks!