Saturday, November 7, 2009

Times they are a' changin.....

I few days ago, the idea popped in my head that I should just change my blog name.   And well, I am. 

So will just be called Just Be......I am working to get the whole blog address changed, but until then....this is what you will get.   And due to Marlys introducing me to picnik....I will forever be changing the logo at the top. 


Marlys said...

WOW, Becks!! I absolutely LOVE the new header and new name :^) You get to use all those great photos from Rosehill, too. COOL!
I'm impressed!

Mommy Lisa said...

I like the new name - I saw you in the google reader as 'Just Be' and thought??? When did I subscribe to this cool blog? Then see my favorite 2 year old boy and all was made clear~!