Saturday, September 5, 2009

Going out on a limb

So a few weeks back the fam and I went to this cafe in Exelsior that has Tuesday taco night (they had sent us a nice postcard/advertisement and the ad worked).  Well, we were waiting for the gourmet tacos to arrive, we struck up conversation with the table next to us.  They too were sporting some tots and so of course, we have things in common (messy house, lack of sleep, no social life, etc.).  Anyways, they were new to town, they had moved here in the winter.  The woman/mom/wife began to tell me that she really wasn't liking Minnesota, that it was hard to meet people and so on.....(I always hear this from the out-of-staters...remember I was the President of an Alumni group for quite some time.)

Now I know what all the Minnesotans are going to say...that is a bunch of is easy to meet people...blah blah blah....but it isn't.  As someone who is pretty outgoing, willing to try new things, I found it pretty difficult to meet people.  I still do, but now at least I am being really proactive about it.  Besides, with kids and work, the time available to hang with well, close to non-existent.   But anyways, that was not the point of the story.  As she was telling me this story, I really felt like we had connected and I said we should get together...go to an art museum, club....etc.  I handed her my phone number and email address.  Well, a few weeks have gone by and no call.  Here we spent 10-15 minutes discussing a lack of friendship and then no call.  So the question you think she thought I was wierd for giving her my information?  I mean, it wasn't like I was hitting on her...Josh was there and so was her husband. 

Which leads me to the beginning of the summer where Josh and I and the fam were in our local grocery store (which I hate...but I won't go into it...I go there out of total emergency necessity--all I have to say is SMOKING IN THE BUTCHER'S KITCHEN IS AGAINST ALL HEALTH CODES)....but again, we got into a conversation with a man and his son (again a 3 or 4 year old little boy)....they had recently adopted him.   We talked for awhile and so I again, handed him our number and email and said we should get the kids together. email (yes, I check my spam filter). 

Do I have cooties?  Do people think I am a stalker?  The thing is...that I really try and be inclusive....I really truly believe that every single thing....every last drop....every crazy interaction...every second....happens for a reason. 

So if I meet you, I know there is a reason for meeting you.  Like...let's take it further...maybe I am here to teach you something or maybe you are here to guide me....

I guess I just feel that there are no coincidences...I just wish others felt the same.


Anonymous said...

Whatever you do... don't stop trying, don't stop giving!

Mommy Lisa said...

See, that is exactly the point. Most people who complain really do nothing to improve their situation. It is hard to meet people ANYWHERE if you do not reciprocate in the process. If someone invites you, go! If someone says call me, do it!

You are in for great karma in all you give out Becks.