Sunday, May 17, 2009

Date Night

Last night Josh and I went to dinner at one our favorite "high-end" Mexican food places--Masa and as always, it was delish. If you are listening....I LOVE YOUR GREEN SALSA! Can you send me your recipe? Then we went to see the Grand Canyon Adventure film at the Omni Theatre. If you get the is so beautiful....please go. Okay, I cried. I am sure all the other people in the audience thought I was a total freak, but who cares. When you look at something so beautiful and majestic and to think I got to grow up in Arizona...well it makes me feel a tad bit special. I miss Arizona immensely but I know that each path I have taken in my life has been for a reason. Sometimes I wonder why I left Arizona (especially when I am missing the fam and friends) but then I think I would never have met Josh or have my two amazing kids. It is hard to pose those types of questions to yourself. Either way though, the movie reminded me that I should make even more of an effort to conserve. Oh and if anyone is interested, I have added a hike down Havasupai and a Colorado river trip... to my list of things to do before I die.

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The Media Grab said...

call me for the havasupai trip.. I am in. BTW is this the same one they show at the south rim? Mr Castro took us ona field trip to see it