Sunday, April 26, 2009

Rose Hill

This is Rose Hill, although I don't recall see any roses. However, there are ton of other cool plants, just waiting to pop up. Down there on the left is some rhubarb. This spring we are excited to see what blooms.
Josh and I bought this place about a year ago and sometime in the next year or two, we hope to start building a house out there in the pasture. We hope to have many LEEDS features included in the house. From what we can tell, it is our belief that this is the second highest point in Hennepin County. On Fourth of July, you can see fireworks displays in 20 different directions.
Starting at 12:00--I am going clockwise in these pictures---here is the driveway.
(I had to throw in a picture of the new tractor.)
(And there it is, the peak of Rose Hill in all it's beauty.)
The start of many of the gardens. Yes, the people who owned if before were hippies. Here is the cabin. Old Garage/Shed This is where the pathway between the raspberry bushes start. The back pasture. I like to call this the Secret Garden, it reminds me of the book. Yes, we have a lot of work to do.


Anonymous said...

This will be a labor of love.

Marlys said...

WOW! That hill looks GREAT! The first pic is a forsythia bush, BTW--it'll always be the first thing that blooms in the spring. And Josh got the tractor--YAY! Is there a garden tiller attachment?
I have a feeling the 4th of July will be at your house soon..or maybe just on your land. It's beautiful--thanks for the preview!
Love ya, M

GML4 said...

Beautiful place... nice... uh... tractor/lawn mower. ;)