Thursday, April 16, 2009

An ongoing list of the things I want for my kids

For some reason when I was at Death Cab for Cutie (a really good band if you haven't heard them) last night I couldn't help but feel a tad old and well, slightly wise. The girl in front of me was maybe 16....and she had these huge fake fingernails and she had tons of perfume on and the only thing I kept thinking was....Don't grow up so fast...don't grow up so fast... Which brings me to when Kendall was born...I started writing a list of all the things I wanted for her (and Mason). Up until last night I had completely forgot that I had started this I am going to print it here with the idea in mind that I will regularly contribute to it as I learn new things. I also ask that if any of you that read this and want to put your two cents in...I would TOTALLY dig it....I am all for that idea of "it takes a village to raise a child" concept. So here ya go..... Warning...some of these are girl or boy centric.....some of these might be offensive to others (sorry). 1)When you see something beautiful or extraordinary—stop and take a look at it. 2)I want you to take lots and lots of pictures. All of your life, every event, every beautiful thing. These will be some of your most valued possessions. 3)Make sure you have one really good time that is full of memories for St. Patricks Day, New Years Eve, Spring Break, Halloween, 4th of July, and Cinco De Mayo. 4)If I can make a recommendation to you---it is best to wear good perfume and find a scent that you like that is you—not the same one everyone else is wearing—be yourself. 5)Along with #4—if you can, the things you don’t want to cheap out on are: a)Shoes—never buy plastic—unless they are flip-flops or galoshes b)Belts—leather is better. c)Jewelry—buy one of a kind pieces. 6)Go to Museums, State Parks, to rivers, to streams, to lakes, to mountains, to hills. 7)When you see something beautiful or extraordinary—stop and take a look at it. (oops two sevens...oh well) 7)In your lifetime I want you to do a least one shot of tequila. Good or bad, you will always remember it 8)At some point in your life, I want you to walk into your boss’ office and ask for a raise and a promotion. It will be scary, but it will be the best learning experience. But make sure you have a reason to do it. 9)Don’t ignore the little kids at parties or BBQ. Sometimes they are far more interesting then the adults. 10)Buy lemonade from a lemonade stand every chance you get. 11)If you have a choice, get your car washed a school or charity car wash rather then at a business. 12)I want you to vote in every single election you possibly can. Make sure you read up on the issues. 13)Hold the door for anyone and everyone. 14)Always listen to live music. 15)Recycle as much as you can. Don’t be hasty about it. 15)Please don’t be a ditz. Be smart, be proud to be smart and use your intelligence get you places. 16)Read lots of books. Read lots of magazines. Read the newspaper. 17)Always remember to thank people. 18)Smell babies. And look at their toes and hands. 19)Dance at weddings. 20)It is essential to learn how to play poker. 21)Never miss out on an opportunity to swim in the ocean, a river, a lake (and for fun—try out a cowpond). 22)I want you to have a fantastic relationship with your dad. And your mom. 23)I want you to be able to walk in a room full of people and be sooooo confident. 24)I want you find a career that you wake up excited to do everyday. 25)I want you to be open-minded. Do not make assumptions, do not pass judgment, get both sides of the story. 26) Be respectful, appreciative and interested in other cultures. 27)We, as parents, want to teach you what a “good work ethic” is at a young age. We want you to work for things—save money and respect the fact that hard work does really pay off. 28)We want you pay for your own schooling, or find the means to pay for it (through scholarships, grants, student loans.) We will help you, but we want you to have to work hard.


GML4 said...

- Play a musical instrument.
- Play games.
- Always assume the best, but expect the worst. (then you'll be ready for almost anything!)
- Remember that you're probably wrong at least half the time.
- No matter what people say or do to you, you are a worthwhile person.
- Life is what you make of it.

Mommy Lisa said...

I totally agree on stopping to look at things that are cool, beautiful or unusual. I ALWAYS also point them out to anyone who is with me.

Anonymous said...

Learn to read maps, know where North, South, East and West are...try not to lose your bearings.

Study a variety of religions.

Get and learn to use a good camera.

Write letters, even though you have a computer and phone.

Anonymous said...

Spend time with people who were born in the 1910's, 1920's and
1930's. They have a unigue perspective on this world.

Read books more often than you watch TV.

Donate to worthy causes.

Promote PEACE every chance you get.

Anonymous said...

Learn to use a needle and thread, so you can mend, create or salvage.

Be willing to stick up for your brother, sister, mother, father, aunt, uncle or cousin.

Plant a seed, and nurture it's growth. Harvest the bounty and delight in it's goodness.

Take the opportunity to be around puppies, baby chicks or newborn critters of some kind. New life is magical.

Albert Larry Jr. said...

Visit will be the trip of a lifetime. If you do visit don't mind the perfume that Uncle Binky's wearing. It's called Eau de Moose Poop. Fabulous.