Thursday, March 12, 2009

Okay here's the deal

I don't want to die or anything, but being as I have been lax in getting a WILL together...I thought I would put a couple requests out there so that there will be no confusion. (I am having a deja vu moment...did I already do a post about my funeral?--Oh well doesn't hurt to keep ya'all updated.)
1)I don't want a funeral. I want a party. Not a little party---A big huge arse party. With fireworks...if I could plan to die on or near the 4th of July, I would. I just have a thing for fireworks. and summer. and brats. and fireflies. OHHH and lots of sparklers. I like sparklers.
2)I want a band at my funeral that plays good, rockin music(NO Hayseed Dixie JOSH!). And I wants kegs, and margaritas and wine and sticking with the Smith-side tradition--some Irish whiskey.
3)I don't want any crying. Just laughs....YOU HEAR ME....ONLY LAUGHING. In fact, I will not even allow kleenex at this party.
4)I want maybe a theme of some flipflops and cowboy boots.....No suits or black.
5)I want REALLY REALLY GOOD food served. And a candy and dessert table the size of Alaska.
6)Okay actually, I want an ice cream truck to also away ice cream and donuts and cinnamon rolls and lots of the cheap crappy candy I love.
Thanks for abiding my wishes. Peace.


Marlys said...

Re: that picture--
you wonder where Dilly gets her fine fashion sense?????

Anonymous said...

I do believe that little country kid has on cowboy boots!

GML4 said...

I meant to compliment you on this post yesterday. I'm definitely writing something like this (except a lot more sorrowful) on my blog soon. Thanks for the great idea!

That is a great pic!