Monday, March 16, 2009

The Discovery of More Genetic Traits (Part 2)

Further evaluation of my children's genetic heritage has revealed more traits that were passed from Josh and I to our little monkeys. Unfortunately, these two traits that were recently discovered are not ones you want your kids to have.
The first one we call THE COIN SLOT trait. This gene is found on chromosome 7 and goes by the name BUTCRK. Poor Kendall got this trait from the maternal side. We are still searching for a cure.

Then there is poor Mason, he got the genetic trait CLUMZDANSIR, again from his mother's side (his dad doesn't dance..his dad has the MEWHITEBOYNODANZ gene.) And unfortunately, the poor little Masonator was dancing liking a madman and bonked his forehead. I suppose the cure for that will be to listen to his Dad's music, because his mom's music makes him want to dance.


Anonymous said...

You had me going there for a second. ha ha ha

Mommy Lisa said...

Poor kids - don't they have a telethon or something for those sad sad disorders?


Anonymous said...

Until there's a telethon...

And as for Mason - I'll start the novena that there isn't a latent tendency toward his father's music :^)


Albert Larry Jr. said...

I think they both should be tested for the BREAKITDWNOMATTAWHAT gene. I know me and Oliver got that one. I remember the Turner's have that as well...test it. Unfortunately Becks, I found out yesterday that the BITECHUONTHEFACE gene that can affect toddlers was passed from me to my son. I remember once, you were the victim of a young boy with the associated affliction to this genetic abnormality. I too am now both a carrier and a victim.