Thursday, January 29, 2009

Licking the Beaters

I don't know how it happened. It boggles my mind. Even after all the gene therapy experiments we did on the kids.....they still ended up with the sweet-tooth gene (found on the 17th chromosome, gene name: CAV-IT-T). It is just so wierd. I mean really, Josh and I CAN'T STAND SWEET TREATS (GROSS YAK YUCK)....I would much rather eat soy or a veggie or a maybe some flaxseed. Sometimes when I have been forced to eat donuts at work...I just plug my nose and swallow the vile things. And then there was our wedding cake. We wanted to just have a huge tower of tofu cubes...but our parents felt that would be too unconventional. So once again, we listened to the peer pressure and we ate the frosted cake.
So tonight, I felt OBLIGATED to make some cookies. I was in this dilemma....I can't stand sweets, but I don't want my kids to miss out on the opportunity to learn how to bake. So as my parental duty....I let them help me. I figured I should let them lick the beaters since well, they say to do that in the baby books (Ewww...who likes creamed sugar and butter?). Man oh man, did they think that was the greatest thing since, well baby food. And well, the sad conclusion hit me. They got the sweet tooth gene. Josh and I now stand here perplexed how both of our kids could love sweets so much. We are now worried about the fact that we NEVER have sugar in our house and as a result, this could make our kids these crazy, deranged, sugar-seekers. So just to be safe and to look out for the best interest of my children, I will be sure to keep a couple of sweets lying around for emergencies only.


Marlys said...

I suppose it's possible that a gene can skip a generation? Those poor sugar-deprived kiddos NEED this vital food group! Besides, the idea that the same stuff they licked off the beaters became those yummy cookies makes a nice lesson in science. Gluten and soda and fat with the application of heat transformed that sticky good stuff into portable good stuff.
You've got future scientists there, Beck! YAY!!
(Thats what I told myself years ago,

Mommy said...

I am laughing so hard...