Saturday, November 8, 2008

There is this certain store....

which we will call PBK. This store/catalog has really cute things, some affordable, many not. I have bought a few things there (on sale.) But what cracks me up is in the new christmas catalog--they have this kitchen, THE GOURMET KITCHEN:

It is super cute, right? Except for the friggin price can buy the set for a bargain price of $897....but if you buy each thing individually, the frig, the stove, the sink---they are each $299.00 Yes, you heard me right, $299 each

So I truck it on over to and they have this:

Together you can get a real fridge and a real range for $800, which is till less then the play kitchen from PBK....and you can make real cookies, not those fake plastic cookies.


Anonymous said...

I'm your mother and I thought that lady in the picture looks just like you. Is it you? Or just some model?

Mommy said...

T-Bone and I went into the kids PBK looking for wooden toys when Boo Boo was little. They had the retro kitchen that year and SAME thing. SOOOO expensive you think you MUST be mis-reading the price tag.

Seriously? $299 each?

Faux Martha said...

No Mom, that is not me...although I would love to be that skinny...and Kendall and Mason would love a kitchen that swanky.
Love ya, Becks