Monday, November 10, 2008

So disturbing and yet soooo interesting and still soo

GROSS!!!!! WARNING THIS IS A GROSS POST AND YET SCIENTIFICALLY/MEDICALLY STIMULATING!!!! I heard about this article while driving in my when I had the chance, I went over to it. The NY Times has this article about teratomas. A teratoma is a type of cyst. (Read on...this is going to get crazy!) So this true story is about this young woman who goes in to the hospital with migraines and ends up in a coma and they can't figure out what is wrong with her. So they do a bunch of tests and "The only thing that showed up was a tiny cyst on her left ovary. One resident suggested that this tiny cyst, known as a teratoma, could be the cause of her coma. Clark had seen teratomas. They were common in the reproductive tract, often found accidentally in the course of an operation or on a scan done for some other reason. These strange cysts have been a source of fascination since their discovery in the 19th century because, although smooth and normal-appearing on the outside, on the inside they often contain hair and teeth and other tissues not normally seen in the reproductive system. " COME TO FIND OUT--teratomas can make brain cells (and some reports show rudimentary hearts..)--"Somehow the immune system mistakenly identifies these cells as “foreign” and makes antibodies to destroy them. These antibodies go on to attack the same kind of cells in the brain. " So as a result, that is why they think she was having migraines and went into a coma. CONCLUSION: they removed the hair and teeth containing teratoma and she was fine....all was good in the world. IS THAT JUST EWEY GOOEY????? WARNING WARNING WARNING WARNING....I am about to show you a picture of a teratoma. It is gross, don't look if you will be sick.

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This post was up for quite a while and you got NO COMMENTS, go figure.
The crowds must enjoy family photos more than cysts. Oh well....