Wednesday, April 30, 2008

New Holiday at the Sebasky House

We call it the HASSY BERSDAY. HASSY BERSDAY is this new imaginary holiday that Miss KQ invented in her head. Basically it entails her asking me (everyday) "Presents? Kendall's Hassy Bersday"---then at dinner, when she is eating her chicken and veggies and drinking her sicky cup (that's what we call it), she picks up her plate and starts swaying it back and forth and sings "Hassy Bersday to Me, Hassy Bersday to Me, Hassy Bersday dear Kendall, Hassy Bersday to me" Big news on the home front: Josh discovered Mason this morning standing up in his crib. Time to lower the mattress. Happy May Day!!

1 comment:

Mommy said...

Ai Yi - its an epidemic! Every package and bag that comes in the house is labled. "Marin's present!" Happy Bershday to me!


It must be because their birthday's are so close to Christmas.

Yeah for Mason!