Saturday, April 5, 2008

Back to the Powerball fantasies

1)I am pirating Bink's blog by saying that I would go back to school indefinitely. 2)I would help provide funds to the "microcredit" organizations, such as Pro Mujer. 3)I would hire a massage therapist to come give me back rubs. 4)I would buy a knarly mountain bike. 5)I would ask U2, Modest Mouse, The Shins, Jimmy Buffett and Jack Johnson if I could go on tour with them. I would also ask Celine Dion...... (got ya.) 6)To all the people in our lives that help us out all the time (Kristy, George, Em/Scott, Patty/Carl, Todd)--I would offer you some sort of karma-type payment/gift, for all your goodness. 7)I would open a taco shop/burrito palace out by our house and it would be called Karma Tacos and it would use only fresh ingredients, recycled products and it would have to have really good tortilla chips. OH, and 99cent margaritas. 8)I would also open a sushi bar up--maybe inside my house--so that I could eat it every day.

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