Monday, December 10, 2007

What is it going to take?

It is has been a busy few weeks. I always think about things I want to write about and then in a flash they go to that black hole of where all good ideas go.

As we all clearly know, the election is just a mere 11 months away. Now, I personally have not decided on who I would vote for or who I am putting my weight behind. For the first time in a very long time, we have a woman running for President. I am VERY aware of the disdain for her--because everytime I mention her name--I hear a lot of flack. Sort of like when you mention Martha Stewart. I have not decided yet if I will be voting for her, but I can tell you this--I am really sick of all the negative crap people are saying about Hilary. Everytime someone tells me how much they hate her---I respond with "Why do you hate her so much?" and never once have I gotten a good answer. I at least give Hilary some credit for having the balls to be put in that arena with a bunch of arrogant men. I really do think a lot of the negativity comes from the fact that people fear change. They fear a woman President, they fear a minority President. Granted she does come across a little robotic or cold, but imagine if she was a lot warmer or more of a pushover--people would rip into for that too. I am all for voting for something different--goodness knows it couldn't hurt at this point in the game.
Not that you want to hear anymore political rants, but Huckabee is a total loser. Here is why.

As the year comes to an end--I would like to show you my list of favorite things. I have millions of them, but these are some of the recent ones I have come up with.

1)Electric Blankets (it is a given in Minnesota)

2)Baby Smell

3)Live concerts (nothing like seeing a sweaty lead singer 10 rows up)

4)Good friends, eating great food, drinking yummy drinks and having awesome conversations.

5)Uncle Billy's Christmas Letter (I will find a way to scan it in and post it)--he gives Colbert a run for his money.

6)Snowflakes that land on your windshield that are shaped like how you imagine snowflakes should look.

7)Karma--I believe in it so much--and it is interesting to see how it plays out sometimes.

8)Cinnamon rolls (not from the can)

Check out the new Fiats--I dig the groovy colors. What age group do you think they are marketing these too?

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