Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Viruses will take over the world

For many years I have proclaimed the following statement (as dismal as it sounds)--that "VIRUSES WILL TAKE OVER THE WORLD." I am dead serious. Some day, civilization will be wiped out by viruses....unless of course we keep treating Mother Earth so horribly that she finally starts thinking of revenge strategies. Viruses are truly fascinating. You have got your bird flu, HIV, herpes, entero (cruise ship diet plan), ebola and many many more......they are in the news all the time. I bet you didn't know, but the US government has a contingency plan in place if a very virulent and deadly strain of influenza comes into the US. They have created a list of all the top people that would get the vaccine first...because understandably, the first few vials of vaccine are going to be much coveted. It's not like you want a bunch of WWF wrestlers getting it before a CDC worker. Get my drift? I say this as Tatorbug lays in bed with the 24 hr stomach flu.

Let's talk about Santa. It may be weird...but Kendall is 21 months and she still doesn't know who Santa is. I guess we failed to introduce her. There are tons of presents under the tree already (thank you grandparents) but she really could care less. So my question is--when do you tell them about Santa? They really don't cover this topic in the baby-how to books. Maybe next year.

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Mommy said...

Oy! Marin saw Santa last year and was unimpressed, this year came the tears. Santa is for next year for Tater and Boo Boo La La.

She had the stomach flu too. Terry said, "nice flu shot."


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