Friday, January 4, 2013


A little over 8 years ago, as I was preparing to get married, my girlfriends threw me a backyard barbeque bachelorette fiesta.  They went around the table and offered up advice for marriage and weddings.  One of the things that was spoken still repeats in my brain often and so I am here today to share.  One of the gals, it was her wedding day, everything went swimmingly, all the details worked out, everyone had a blast and then late that night as she was heading to bed she remembered.  She had forgotten to thank her parents during the reception.  They had paid for the whole wedding.  They had been very helpful and generous and like nothing, she had failed to publicly thank them at the moment when you typically do that.  She had such regrets about not having done that because she had remembered to thank several other people, but just not them.  So she turned to be me at the bbq and she said, "Just make sure you have NO REGRETS when it comes to your wedding and when it comes to life." 

Do you live your life with no regrets?  When this life comes to a close and you are reflecting back on the time that was given to you to live it, will you have any regrets?  Do you wish you had done things differently? Or do you wish you had spent more time with people that you enjoying spending time with?  What would you trade a few hours of t.v or internet time for? 

It is never too late. You can start now.  I say this because at the age of 37 (almost 38), I find people laugh when I tell them that I am saving for trips that are 2-3 years out.  But who cares because here is what I know about my life....I want to breath in the scent of my babes until they won't let  me do it anymore. I want to travel to places that are amazing.  I want to bring my children to those same places so they see the beauty of this world.  I want to spend time with genuinely good people that are loving and interesting and genuine. 

Sit there and think about it.  What do you want to do in this lifetime?  What are you wishing you had done by now and haven't done?  What is getting in your way?  WHAT ARE YOU AFRAID OF?  All I know is that life is short and I just don't want to think I somehow failed it. 

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