Thursday, September 27, 2012

Just blurting this out

Nothing is sacred anymore, is it?  We have to go in, tear up, destroy, make new, plasticize, disintegrate and THINK LATER.  Everyday I get a notice about all of the FDA food recalls and let me tell, there are sometimes 3 per day. (Should you like to get on that list, it can be found here.  Since 9/24, there have been 10 recalls, in 3 days.)  Yes, we need to eat but what are we doing???  We are making food faster, with more weird stuff, making people sicker, not monitoring as carefully, all the while spurning farmers, and raw milk providers and organic farms.  Where are priorities?

We are using reclaimed sewage water to ski on.  So we can SKI!  God forbid that a huge infection breaks out or that people get seriously ill (possibly die), just as long as we can pipe in our shitty water and ski (all the while tearing up a beautiful mountain), that is all that matters.  Again, nothing is sacred. 

We don't need that oil on that untouched land....we need that land. 

We don't need all those weird Barbie doll creatures....we just need kids to play.

I guess I am just getting more old-fashioned as I get older.  And no, I am not perfect, but I just long for a time when things were simpler.

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Plant inspiration
Sprout hope
Grow awareness
Produce change
Pick fresh