Friday, March 23, 2012

The garden of mystery and wonder.....

We moved in last fall and everything was already cut back.  There are some things that were well taken care of and others that were not.  I am going to learn a lot but in the end,  I am SOOOO EXCITED to see what comes up.  What do you think is planted in here?  What should I plant in the holes that remain? 

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Marlys said...

Oh, man, Beck! What a TREASURE!
In the last pic, I think I see an allium clump--the brown mass with green in the center--especially if the new leaves are flat or tubular. They're chives, the flat leaves would be garlic-y and the others are more oniony. They have pretty balls of purple, lavender or white blossoms that bees love. Robins take tons of the dried stuff for nests in the spring, too. (Makes fragrant baby robins ☺)
4th pic, next to the stone, looks like a peony clump...or maybe sedum? If fat succulent leaves show up, its a sedum, but if the new growth is red at first, and the old stuff seems fibrous, then it's probably a peony.
Some of the new blades there might be tulips or iris or daffodils. She planted them where they are cuz by the time they're done and die back, the nearby bigger summer plants are covering that area.
I'm so so envious! I'd say don't plant anything there this year--let it all unfold this year, and plan for this fall or next spring.
Ha--these are just my opinions--I could be all wrong, too!