Friday, December 23, 2011

New Years Goals

If you write them down, they are more legitimate :)

First off, write more, blog more......

OH wait...lets go to last year's list and see if I even accomplished anything.

1)Spend more times outdoors exploring....camping...swimming...stargazing....more boat/river trips...more bonfires...more gardening.   Yes I did!!  We shall continue to do it..... 
2)I want the kids to see the world....appreciate the beauty of this planet and of its people. I want them to see wild animals in the wild....not just in a zoo. I want to hear Mason say "Mom that is preeeetttyyyyy..." (in that ever so cute Macy Macy voice of his.)  Maybe a little, but really we should be doing it more. 
Proposed trips (and saving accordingly for them): (NOPE NOPE tears of sorrow well up. It just wasn't in the cards this year.)a)Family trip in the Caribbean on a catamaran.
b)Family trip to Hawaii
c)Montana State Parks trip
d)Family road trip to Florida for some beach time (Kendall and I have talked about this endlessly).
e)Pacific Northwest trip (to visit Auntie Lauren/Kyle/Tami/Mike and our friends who are opening a winery there).
f)Visit Auntie Noonie when she moves to the farm.
g)Family river trip down the Colorado
h)Family hiking trip down Havasupai

(PS you wanna come?? Say the word...)

3)Find an outlet for January I am starting yoga. More makes me happy. ****YEAHHHHH I GOT THIS ONE RIGHT THIS YEAR******
4)The tv is off a lot now and I like it. Keep reading, more library visits.    I highly enjoyed my visits to the library this year but I still watched tv.   
5)Work more on planning meals for my family. Healthy meals. Did pretty good, but still could do better.

NOW FOR 2012...... goals are going to revolve around five words.  WANT NEED WEAR READ SELF

I saw on Facebook someone that for Christmas does one present of each (except SELF) for their kids. 

So for WANT goals for 2012:
1)Do more photography.  Take a class.  Learn more about ISOs and F Stops....learn to use Elements. 
2)More fun trips.
3)More fun nights out with the gals.
4)More date nights with the hubby.
5)Get the new house spiffed up. 

1)To eat less junkfood.
2)To work out or do yoga at least one more day a week.
3)To go to bed earlier.
4)Spend less, save more.  Use coupons.  Be frugal.  Use what I already have.  Sell unused stuff on eBay or donate to Goodwill. 
5)Work with Kendall and Mason more on reading.
6)Simplify. Organize.

1)Read at least one book a month. 

1)Buy used, sell used, buy less. 
2)Sew more??
3)Be happy with what I have.

1)Be more adventurous. Relaxed. Dance in the kitchen more. 
2)Practice yoga more at home. 
3)Drink more water. 

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