Monday, October 3, 2011

Recent Observations

1) Kids need to have a sense of adventure and you know what the biggest thing in the way of that?  The vacuum that sucks out all of that confidence and fun up?  That would be parents.  For goodness sakes people, let your kids have fun.  And while we are on the topic...if you aren't in the camp of fun/adventurous parents, well, that is fine, BUT it is imperative that you do not teach your children to make fun of those kids that are different or those that maybe like to wear mismatched clothes or that have overactive imaginations.  You do not call them "wierd" or "odd".  They are kids.

2)What do you think of food additives? Preservatives?  Sugar substitutes?  New fats?  I have just thought about this a lot.  I have a friend that has lost 50 pounds and their diet subsists on a lot of this "faux" food, frozen dinners, etc....great they lost all this weight, but they just ate 6 months of highly suspicious foods cooked in plastic containers.  Doesn't that just seem, well, unhealthy?  Which is better, weight loss or eating real foods?

Ahh..and what would this blog be without some photos of my chickens.  Mason and I went on a class trip to the orchard and Dilly at soccer.  Glorious fall.....

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Mommy Lisa said...

Marin loves goats and sheep an impossible amount.