Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Summer Lovin....

The fact is I hate the song "Summer Lovin".  I know it is almost sacreligious to hate "Grease" but I worked at a bar/restaurant for years and every Saturday was karaoke night which meant some collection of hack singers would get up and sing that song at at a minimum, 10 times per night.   Either way, I do love represented by the following photos:


Marlys said...

I absolutely ADORE kids with dirty faces, especially these!
See ya soon,

Meri said...

OH I love the little critters! I haven't seen any like that around here!

Anonymous said...

The face on that frog is priceless.
The faces on those little girls, eating fudgesicles is also priceless.
Ahhhh summertime! Full of that good
lovin'. Is the reddish-orange flower
called an "Indian Paintbrush"?