Sunday, August 9, 2009

Crazy train.....

So YES...we did sell out. We took the poopmonsters to see Thomas the Train. Here I was thinking it would be an intimate experience and that the train would be joyous to ride on...but NO...half the Twin Cities were there and we would have been better off taking the trolley down by Lake Harriet....but no worries...we have the photos to show Kendall when she is 14 to prove to her that she really was obsessed with the Thomas the Tank Engine. (but seriously, is she not the cutest girl conductor you have ever seen?)

The train conductor got her first tattoo to memorialize the event.

Serious conductor.
Happy conductor.

That one posed picture your parents make you do.....but never turns out. Happy silly goofy boy.
The boy loves the boat and he also loves to feed the ducks.

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