Wednesday, August 27, 2008

I heart Hillary

Hillary was FABULOUS last night. I cried, I cheered, I clapped, I was very proud of my country and I was proud to have the right to vote. I was proud to be a mom, a wife, a conscientious citizen. To quote Brian Lambert:

Along with asking, "Were you only in this for me?" Hillary laid into McBush to the delight of every pissed-off liberal, Democrat and independent watching. It was very good. The people went home happy.

But it wasn't nearly enough. Tomorrow, (Wednesday), on Day #3, between first Bubba himself and then Joe Biden, who is on board as Obama's Veep as much for his adroit touch with dagger-like rhetoric -- "a verb, a noun and 9/11" -- as his foreign policy experience, it should be a sweet night for those of us hungering for the sight of Dick Cheney's gizzard on a plate. (I can wait another few months for the sight of Cheney in an orange jump suit being perp-walked for arraignment.) No one ever needed to tell Bubba or Biden how to put on the show people like Pat Buchanan and I want to see.

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Mommy said...

Amen. I cried too. T-bone thinks I am nutz.

It makes you proud to be an American Woman!