Saturday, May 24, 2008

Fantasy Career League

Happy Memorial Weekend!! It is the first 3 day weekend we have had since New Years--whoop whoop!! And Little Miss Murphy will be arriving soon...what fun times.

I was cleaning in the kitchen and I started thinking about all the careers/jobs I would love to have. (At this point in my blogging career you are all probably getting sick of my fantasies. Just know, that I really do have a fabulous life. I have the two greatest kids, a fantastic husband, I work for a successful company and I have a great family (in-laws, steps, wholes, psuedo, blood, you name it.) But I do like to dream come along with me and please do not hesitate to tell me what careers you would like to try out.

1)I would love to own a candy/sweet/pastry shop.

2)FBI Agent/CIA Agent/Operative/Undercover-Type.

3)Children's book writer (just you wait for my book "Sweaty Betty" to arrive at your local Barnes and Nobel.)


5)Travel Critic

6)Restaurant Critic


8)Art Critic


10)Ice Cream Tester


12)IP Lawyer


14)Professional Sand Volleyball Player

15)Photographer (on location in exotic places)

16)Professional Magazine, Book and Cookbook reader (is there such a thing)

17)Graydon Carter's assistant

18)Clothing/Jewelry/Shoe/Handbag designer

19)The person that goes and listens to new bands and "discovers" them.

I am sure there will be more to come.

Some of you saw this already, but it is pretty cute. I would include more pictures of the other monkey but she is a toddler and hence, she is quite mobile now and not interested in sitting for pictures.

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