Wednesday, March 26, 2008

What does the future hold?

Everytime the Powerball gets really high at work, we each chip in 2 bucks. I have been there 8.5 years and the most we have ever won is $100. I would bet I have easily spent about $100 over the past 8 years on Powerball tickets. Anyways, I heard an interesting thing the other day, where someone complained about people blowing their money on Powerball and how they should use it for something more useful. But then this guy responded and he basically said, "I would easily pay $2 for the tons of fun imaginative things I think up in my head, that I would spend the money on. That $2 makes all those scenarios/vacations/objects I dream about, worth it." The following are some of the things I would do if I won Powerball: (By the way, I am thinking pretty big here--so let's pretend I win the $200+ million) 1)I would take every single member of my family on vacation...all together, at one time. We would go somewhere warm, there would be lots of good cocktails and lots of fun. 2)I would take all of our good friends (you know who you are) on a vacation, sans children. Again, We would go somewhere warm, there would be lots of good cocktails and lots of fun. (Okay, we can bring the children, but we will need a few babysitters so that we can go dancing.) 3)I would set up generous college funds for all the important kiddos in my life. 4)I would set up research trusts to investigate the following critical issues and illnesses/diseases pathways: a)Obesity/Metabolic Disorders b)Sustainable Resources, Oil/fuel alternatives(solar, wind power), renewable agriculture, and more c)Many different viruses (hepatitis C/HIV/HPV/Ebola) d)Neurodegenerative illnesses (Parkinsons, Alzheimers, MS, etc.) e)Muscular dystrophy (especially myotonic dystrophy) f)Blood coagulation illness (especially Factor V) g)Infertility h)I would support the study of many different genetic illnesses 5)I would buy all of my brother's photography. 6)I would be a silent partner in the following businesses that I would want to open: a)A steak house, wine/cheese shop in Flagstaff--that would be run by my brother and my dad would be in charge of the wine list (of course we would eventually branch out to other exclusive locations once the buzz got around.) b)A bakery/coffee/sweet shop in Flagstaff--that would be run my mom and that would always carry the cinnamon rolls I love. (Mom--you only have to work part time.) 7)I would buy a second home in Cabo San Lucas. 8)I would pay the $10,000 entry fee for my husband, myself, my brother and father to go into the World Series of Poker. 9)I would buy a ton of shoes. (and purses) (oh and jewelry)--I have a David Yurman I have been eyeing :) 10)I would in act legislation that would require that for every tree that is cut down, two new ones have to replace it. 11)I would learn to surf. 12)I would buy one the new BMW Diesels. 13)I would learn to scuba dive. 14)I would offer scholarships to kids going into the sciences/engineering/environmental studies. 15)I would buy tickets to all the concerts I have ever wanted to go to. 16)I would SPEND TONS OF TIME---with my kids. (and husband) (more to come I am sure).


The Media Grab said...

11)I would learn to surf.

becks... I can help you with this... no powerball necessary. After I left flagstaff I took it up, and deveoted some serious chunks of my life to it (including about a half a year in hawaii doing nothing but surfing)

I got boards, the water and waves in NC are great for learning, lodging would be covered (you could bring the kids... and we can leave 'em with josh and Amy)

let me know when!!!

Albert......Jr that is. said...

Alaska is generally not considered warm (unless you are from Minnisota). I would like to add a trip to Alaska on behalf of my friend Becks. She would then be able to Cold Water Dive and Dry Suit Surf. Finally...a post Becks. I look every day and today!